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▲2007-05-12  11:00 a.m.  St.Aloysius Roman Catholic Church,  Great Neck, New York 

▲11:20 a.m.  Groomsman Andrew Yang  (brother of the Bride) led the way.

▲11:21 a.m.  The "walk"

▲11:45 a.m.  The Ceremony
Andrew Yang, Groomsman (brother of the Bride 楊安祖) Jeffrey Hsi, Groomsman (brother of the Bridegroom) David Jeng, Groomsman Kevin Vee, Best Man Serafino Presta, Ring Bearer Daniel Doyle, reader Annika Hsi, Flower Girl James Hsi, Father of the Bridegroom (席時洪) Angela Hsi, Mother of the Bridegroom (馬佳佳) Father Basil Colafito, St.Aloysius Roman Catholic Church Jason Hsi, Bridegroom (席行仁) Angela Yang, Bride (楊安慈) Jean Yang, Mother of the Bride (蘇敬) Albert Yang, Father of the Bride (楊志傑)  Erica Knowles, Maid Of Honor Daniella Ferrara, Bridesmaid Ariel Govan, Bridesmaid Tammy Lee, Bridesmaid ▲12:15 p.m.  Who's Who. (mouse over each face to see name-title)
▲12:30 p.m.  The Families (click to enlarge)   ▲ 席府 The Hsis   ▲  楊府 The Yangs

▲1:45 p.m.  Getting ready for the Reception at the Garden of Westbury Manor

▲2:00 p.m. The Reception

▲2:05 p.m. The Newlyweds

▲4:00 p.m. The Cake

▲4:30 p.m. The Dance

▲5:30 p.m. the in-laws



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